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So What is a Sales Multiple Valuation?

A valuation multiple is an expression of the market value of a company when related to a particular value.  You can have valuation multiples based on certain assets, cash flow, reported earnings or other selected reported or calculated numbers. For … Continue reading

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Don’t Be Afraid to Say No

Value Enhancement Idea # 18: Often, as business owners, we are almost paranoid about losing customers – any customer at all.  But some companies would be better off if they did lose one or more customers. Most companies have them … Continue reading

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The Exit Planning Process

Many different companies have described how they approach exit planning for the business owner.  The challenge is that for each business owner the process is likely to be unique.  Some business owners are focusing on selling their business.  Others are … Continue reading

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Will the 2012 Unified Tax Credit Be Continued?

The tax law signed by President Obama in December 2010 will expire on December 31, 2012. The top 2012 Unified Tax Credit, also referred to as the Unified Tax Exemption, until then will be $5.12 million per person.  Also included … Continue reading

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Business Exit Planning

Business exit planning is the process of considering the options that are available to an owner and creating a plan that best controls how and when the owner exits from the business.  There are several business exit planning options that … Continue reading

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Business Succession Planning Checklist

There are several different types of business succession planning strategies. Even though there may be a different business succession planning checklist for each different strategy, the following is a list of planning checklist items that should be considered: Define the … Continue reading

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Business Succession Planning Strategies

There are several different business succession planning strategies available to a business owner who is looking to transfer either ownership or management as part of their exit strategy.  These business succession planning strategies are typically alternatives to selling the business … Continue reading

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Business Transition Plan

Increasingly owners of business want to slowly transition from their business and not merely sell the company and walk away.  This change in behavior has been partially attributed to the attitudes of the baby boomers, who want to work later … Continue reading

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Succession Planning for Small Business

Succession planning for small business can refer to two different circumstances: Planning for a Smooth Transition to New Owners Should Something Happen to the Current Owner. This type of succession planning for small business focuses on making sure that there … Continue reading

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How Much Can I Sell My Business For?

How much can I sell my business for?  That is dependent on several factors.  Each of these factors are described briefly below: What Kind of Business Is My Company In? Product companies often sell for higher multiples than service companies.  … Continue reading

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