Dictionary of Exit Planning Terms

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Net Cash Flow

Cash available for distribution after taxes and after the effects of financing. Calculated as net income plus depreciation, less expenditures required for working capital and capital items.

Net Worth

Also called "book value" of a business; net worth is determined from financial records by subtracting all current and long-term liabilities from the total assets of the company.


A document evidencing an indebtedness, including terms of payment. Notes can be either secured with pledges of real or personal property, company stock, or a personal guarantee, or can be unsecured for which no security is in place.

Net Present Value

A measure of an initial investment, as calculated by discounting at an appropriate weighted average cost of capital projected future cash flows.

No-Shop Clause

An agreement between prospective buyer and seller to discontinue the marketing of the business to other potential buyers for a specific period of time.