Dictionary of Exit Planning Terms

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The purchase price of the security, private stock or assets, including commissions and their expenses, used to determine gain or loss for tax purposes. Also called "cost" or "tax" basis.

Book Value

A company's net worth: assets ( cash, receivables, inventory, fixed assets, etc.) , minus liabilities ( accounts payable, accrued expenses, debt, etc.). Also refers to the value at which an asset is carried on a company's balance sheet.

Buy-Sell Agreement

A contractual arrangement between business owners for the owners and the business organization that controls who can buy a departing owner's share of the business and establishes what price we pay for that share. Life insurance, the funds the business purchase.


A business tool that identifies "best in class" this was processes, which, when implemented, will lead to higher performance through organizational and process improvements.

Business Broker

An individual or small firm that acts as the agent for either a buyer or seller of a small private company. Business brokers typically deal with companies with revenues of less than $5 million.


Purchase of a controlling interest of a company stock.