Legal Agreements

Working with business transaction qualified attorneys is important before, during, and perhaps after a business sale or transfer. 

In preparation for a business sale, the following may be required:

  • Development of a Shareholder or Buy-Sell Agreeement
  • Pre-transaction Due Diligence by the Seller to make sure that all Representation and Warrants are accurate
  • Review of major customer and supplier contracts
  • Creation of employment contracts with key employees
  • Review of employment practices to determine if they are current and legally compliant
  • Review of all corporate records to make sure they have been kept correctly
  • Review of any environmental issues
  • Confirmation that all licenses, filings, and permits are up-to-date
  • Determine the best structure for a sale transaction

During the sale transaction, the attorney will be needed for:

  • Negotiation of the Letter of Intent
  • Negotiation of the final Definitive Agreement
  • Confirmation that all legal filing to support the sale have been completed in a timely fashion.