Value Maximization

The ultimate prize in exit planning is to achieve the maximum value for the offered company. This is accomplished by the following:

  1. Seeking advice from exit planners, accountants, lawyers, estate planners, insurance brokers and any other resource that educates the owner regarding how to maximize the value of the business and structure a deal that will minimize taxes and will best support their investment and retirement plans
  2. Creating and following a well constructed exit plan
  3. Focusing company efforts on implementing identified changes that will enhance the value of a company to the prospective buyer
  4. Identifying and searching for strategic buyers
  5. Creating a well constructed offering document
  6. Selecting the right Investment Banker or Business Broker to help sell your business
  7. Using an expert in negotiating the sale of the business.  Often business owners have too much at stake, have too much information, and are not the best at negotiating the sales transaction.