Building Business Value

In addition to being certified as a Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA), Richard Strautman also recently was certified as a Certified Value BuilderTM with the company who pioneered the concept of "sellability score."  This certification of being a Certified Value BuilderTM reflects the completion of the training program developed by THE SELLABILITY SCORE company for management consulting professional to become proficient in delivering a variety of consulting techniques to help business owners increase the value of their business.

These techniques include customer and employee surveys, market segmentation and differentiation, and the generation of increased amounts of recurring revenues.  This value building program is designed to be delivered through monthly meetings with the owner of a business, with each session focusing on different aspects that have been shown to increase the value of a business.  This program also helps define value building goals and actions steps that will focus the owner and his employees efforts on activities that will make the business more attractive in the eyes of potential buyers.