Role of Exit Planning Advisor

As your exit planning advisor

We help you understand the options that are available to you and educate you on the consequences of each option. We help you understand how to maximize the value of your business and minimize your taxes.

As your transition planner

We help you create a plan than puts you more in control on when and how you exit your business. We can help you plan how to use proceeds of any transaction to fund your retirement plans.

As your facilitator

We help you focused on on track to accomplish the tasks that have been identified as part of your exit plan.

As a resource network

We can introduce you to a wide range of potential advisers to complement those that you already have at your disposal.

And an exit planning implementer

When you are ready to sell, recapitalize or transition out of your business, we can help you find and negotiate with buyers, locate sources of recapitalization, or assist you in other ways to accomplish these final steps in your exit plan.