Sellability Score Introduction

Discover How to Spend Less Time in Your Business and Enjoy More Freedom, All While Building an Asset You Can Sell Down the Road

Introducing: The Sellability Score Online Assessment Tool

Take the 13-minute, 100% confidential assessment and we’ll perform a detailed cat-scan of your business, revealing insights on…

• How sellable your business is right now based on dozens of key sellability factors.
• How you can immediately start reducing the number of hours you spend in your business, while building an asset you can sell down the road.
• Overlooked areas of your business that can be more effectively automated, delegated, and systemized – resulting in more freedom for you right away, and making your business more attractive to potential buyers when you’re ready to sell.
• Simple tweaks you can make in your business that will generate more cash flow, free up more of your time, and increase the sellable value of your business.

Exit Architect is a Sellability Score Professional Advisor and can help you better understand how to make your business more sellable. Just click on "Get Started Now" image above and start the process. 

Exit Architect will deliver the results of your survey and a custom report that outlines ways in which you can improve the sellability and the value of your business.