Nutritional Company

"I have been consistently impressed with the breadth of capabilities and the quality of the deliverables of Picus Enterprises and its alliance partners.  Picus created the overall plan and has been helping me move through each of the stages to get my business going.  We are now nearing the launch of the new company and we have been able to meet the major milestones set out in the original plan.

Picus Enterprises helped me with a wide range of strategic issues, including an overall business strategy, clarifying my target markets, pricing, branding and creating an overall marketing plan.

But equally important was the ability of Picus Enterprises to provide many of the deliverables identified in the overall project plan. Picus deliverables included trademark filing, web address research and filing, product catalogs and brochures, countertop and wall mounted product displays, display ads, and trade show support."

Owner, Nutritional Supplement Manufacturer on Long Island

Investment Managment Company

"Picus Enterprises helped me work though several issues with consolidating my father's investment firm and my investment firm into one company.  I found their advice to be sound and our discussions productive."

Owner, Long Island Investment Management Company

Display Manufacturer

"Picus Enterprises created a decision tree analysis that gave me a clear picture of the strategic options that I had for our business.  Based on our discussions, I made a decision to create a new business plan, sell our building and older equipment, and  downsize our business to a more agile size."

Owner, Architectural Lighting and Display Manufacturer on Long Island